The Witch’s Beast, A Torrid Twisted Tale, a novella

Blurb: A witch rejected--a few spells for revenge--an arrogant Prince turned into a Beast--a beautiful woman taken captive--And, that is just the beginning of this tale of a Beauty and a Beast told by the Witch who cast the spell that began it all.

A dismal castle, possessed candles, and a little mangy fur will be the least of the Beast's troubles as the Witch goes into a jealous rage over the Beauty he now holds captive.

 A magic mirror--desperate sex spells--magical seductive dreams--orgasmic punishments in a dungeon.... This time, the Beast will be caught between a Beauty who has caught his eye but rejects his proposal of marriage, and the Witch who allows him moments in his human form to fulfill his every sexual desire. For whom will there be a happily-ever-after? 

Tir at You Gotta Read Reviews said, "In the spirit of Gregory Macguire's Wicked, The Witch's Beast tells an old familiar tale from a different angle with a sexy spin. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and its characters. Ms. Howell paints Beauty and the Beast in an entirely differently light, putting your sympathies in places you wouldn't imagine when thinking of the original tale. Those once loved in the original story are shown in a new way and expands the character of the Witch who turns a Prince into a Beast, in more ways than one. I would definitely recommend you pick up this book so you can read this tale and find out the new ending to the Beast's story."

"This book has a decidedly wicked twist on a classic and is definitely not any storybook fairytale. The Witch is a notable character. Even though she uses dark magic, she realizes that she must atone for that and does so in quite unusual ways. The sex scenes are unique and racy. If you are looking for a hot read, this is for you." - Teagan at Book Wenches!

The Witch's Beast got 4.5/5 Stars at! “This was a really fun read. Enjoy."

Genres: Historical (Medieval), Paranormal (Witches), Erotic Romance
Adult Content Warning: Explicit Graphic Language and some mild BDSM

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