Rituals, A Novella

Blurb: After a Wiccan ritual opens her eyes to her old friend, Maddie’s first week together with Ryan, goes by in a blur of knots and ropes.  

Together, they find the freedom they seek in bondage.  But, when Maddie’s controlling ex-husband returns hell-bent on taking her back, will Ryan and Maddie be bound by the past or become tied to each other?

 I could tell the author has done her research concerning Wiccan rites.  As a result of the author’s attention to detail and excellent writing, I would definitely love to read more of this author’s work as well as read other books along the line of this genre.

Now…I love a steamy love story…and, boy did “Rituals” deliver!!!  It wasn’t steamy, it was scorching!!!  Did I say scorching?  I meant blistering!!!  The love scenes with the bondage were explicit, and I loved them because of how the author tied (pun unintended!) it into Maddie’s past; essentially her foray into the world of bondage was a way to set her inhibitions free.  I loved it!!!  I also love when two best friends all of a sudden start to see each other with new eyes.  As the reader, I know they already have a solid foundation of love, the passion is just another layer.  This added credibility to the love story when they did fall in love. 

 “Rituals” has all the components I need in a love story to keep me glued to the pages:  love, lust, and suspense.  With the added benefit of a new genre that I see myself indulging in more in the future, you are looking at one happy reader!!!  “Rituals” is a must read!  ~Reviewer:  Nefertari - RBR Reviewer, Rating:  5 Blood Drops

"Rituals is a really sweet and touching love story. The subject matter is racy (the sex is wild!) and the romance is wonderful. Maddie and Ryan are a lovely couple—obviously well matched in a number of ways! Maddie is tenacious about healing and moving on from past traumas. She's willing to confront past pain in order to achieve future happiness. Ryan is a charmer—tough enough to save the woman he loves and putty in her hands. The plot builds nicely to a tense climax and the resolution is very satisfying. I highly recommend Rituals to those who like romantic fiction with spice!" ~Dawn D. at Manic Readers 4/5 Stars!

"This quick read novella gives readers a delightful look at light bondage. Both Maddie and Ryan are great characters having a great time exploring the new world that has opened up to them. Expect the bedroom scenes to get scorching hot." Romance Book Scene – 4/ 5 Hearts!

“Rituals by Kiki Howell is a good book. Well written. Maddie is a sweet woman, taking back control of her life. Ryan is a good guy who gets a second chance with the woman he loves. They’re both great characters and Ms. Howell wonderfully brings them to life. Ms. Howell tells a good story with a strong plot that keeps the reader interested. Overall, this was a nice read.” ~4/ 5 Delightful Divas by Autumn!

Genres: Contemporary, Wiccan, Erotic Romance
Adult Content Warnings: Explicit Graphic Language, BDSM, Anal, and Violence

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