Black Friday: A Thanksgiving Horror Story, A Novella

From the author of What Lies Within Us, an Amazon Bestseller in Occult Horror, comes Black Friday: A Thanksgiving Horror Story.

A Note from the Author about the story:
Inspired by reading Thanksgiving: A National Day of Mourning for Indians by Moonanum James and Mahtowin Munro, which can be found at Somehow, in my dark and magically inclined mind, the atrocities of long ago came back to haunt us literally, in this story of mine. So, I played off the idea of Black Friday, which now starts on Thanksgiving night, letting the words stand for something new, a literal darkening of the skies. I hope you enjoy this holiday horror. If you are familiar with my writing, you will find this story a bit different than the usual paranormal romances I write - much darker and almost void of romance.

Dedicated to my entire family who has lovingly put up with me over the years as I’ve protested the traditional celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday in various ways. Love You All!

Warning: Intended for adult audiences. 

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