Snowed In! Winter Storm, a novella

This new version of Snowed In! Winter Storm, is a re-edited, reworked, previously published novella by Author Kiki Howell. We believe there to be a significant difference from the first published work, and do hope you enjoy the “official” original Holiday-themed version of Snowed In! Winter Storm by Ms. Howell, now available from Naughty Nights Press.

Weather Forecast: Winter Storm Warning Followed by a Passionate Heat Wave!
Top advertising executive Rachel was on a roll until hot and sexy Aaron shows up and gives her more than just a run for her campaign budget. 

Over the course of the last few months their work relationship has gone from helpful friends to downright mortal enemies. In a game of one-upmanship, the battles are on from work proposals to their personal lives. Of course, Aaron has the reputation of being a ladies man around their all-male office, and Rachael wouldn't dare touch him…except in her wildest dreams.

A terrible winter storm is upon them, and through an unlucky chain of events she finds herself in the arms of Aaron, her most hated and heated adversary. When the lights go off…the heat turns up!

Genres: Erotic, Contemporary, Romance, Holiday


“This book was so amazing. The chemistry between the two characters were simply explosive. I like it when the scenarios are in an office, a desk or table, and even more when the characters are stranded. I definitely recommend this book if you want something short and steamy.” ~5/5 Stars Anonymous Amazon Review