Kiki Howell

My stories are varied, but those stories which are adult fiction, intended for those over 18 years of age, are labeled as such.

A Violent Seduction, A Short Story

When David stumbles into Myrissa’s Wiccan Supply Shoppe — the man bruised and bloody, complaining of strange occurrences and true night terrors — she agrees to help him. After studying his clouded aura and listening to his story, she believes he’s been cursed, bound to a succubus.

Agreeing to come home with him, cleanse his apartment and try to banish the sexual predator, she gathers her supplies. What she witnesses and battles though proves darker and more seductive, than she could’ve ever imagined. Will her magic be enough? Or will she also fall prey to the dark and violent seduction of a demon?

Warning: This story is Dark Erotica/Dark Fantasy Horror involving a succubus. It contains a mix of sex and violence as well as mind control and magic during such acts.

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“If you like a paranormal erotic boo then your really going to enjoy this one by Kiki Howell. She takes magic, adds a bit off paranormal beings, then finishes it off with a sexual and erotic scenes to combine it into one book that will have you going from one emotion to another. Once you get to the ending of the book, you will be disappointed. Why you ask, because you will want the story to continue so you a read more.” ~ Kay Collins, Amazon Reviewer
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